Done with the exterior painting for now!


While the exterior paint isn’t perfect, it is good enough to use.

I have managed to be successful in keeping the roof re-shaped and it is managing to stay in its proper shape.  Considering that it had been pushed in and broken for years, this alone is a “win”.

I am currently working on getting some interior lighting worked out.  I am having a bit of a problem getting some of the wiring figured out.  I have a solar panel charge controller, a timer for fans, a voltmeter, and two batteries.  I want to run the batteries as individuals, so the the switching is something to be worked out.

I have added a tongue box which will hole the two batteries, plus whatever else I decide to tuck in there.

So far I have managed to feed all the wires through a protective tubing.  I have used 8 gauge to go from the battery to the initial fuse/switch.  I have individual runs for each battery.  I have cut an access hole above the closet door and am placing the “electrical controls” in that area.

I have not re-checked the tongue weight yet, but this all should have added an extra 100 to 150 pounds in that area.



Starting to change colour!

I have managed to get the vast majority of filling and sanding done on the shell.

I have even gotten a quick coat of the exterior paint on.  I am just using “Gloss White Tremclad”.  I know that there are better, more durable, products out there.  The difficulty is that I am trying to keep my costs down a bit, plus, I am capable of using this stuff without to much stress.  It will be good enough for me and the usage that this old girl will get.

I am beginning to clean up the interior.  The ensolite is pretty dirty, but mostly still in decent enough shape.  There has been some damage to the actual fibreglass modules inside.  The damage is mostly on the edges and corners.  I will repair it with some extra epoxy and resin, then repaint the interior ‘glass.

I have received the solar panel and charge controller so now I am preparing to start on the wiring.  I have some LED lamps for under the upper cabinet and a few small flush mounts to put on the ends of the upper cabinet and the closet.  They are all 12 vdc and have their own switches.

I also have the new marker and signal lights to install and wire in.  They are all LED also.

I am hoping to get started on builing the ‘trunk’ tomorrow, or early next week.

OTOH, I still haven’t bolted down the shell yet!!!!20170616_204635

I guess it isn’t as bad as I thought

Managed to get about 3/4 of the shell sanded and ready for paint.  Did better than I thought!

I will have some problem sanding around the windows, front and back.  Specially where I added stuff on and have to smooth out the excess epoxy.

But, I do have the lights, the tube for the shelf supports, and all kinds of other stuff.  Guess I am not doing that bad.

Hit a “dry spell”

I have managed to get little bits done over the last few days.  However, this weekend was not one of the most productive.

I managed to get a little filling done but not much else.

I have gotten some LED lighting for the interior.  A couple of strips complete with built in switches, plus a few round ones, again with built in switches.  I plan on putting the strips under the overhead cabinets.  One over the sink, one over the stove.  The individual ones will go on either end of the upper cabinet and on both sides of the closet.  I also have a marine grade exterior LED for just outside the door.  Between the door and the window, on the passenger side.

I have picked up some clear tubing that I plan to use as protection for the new wiring that I will run.  I have a chrome closet rod that I will cut into pieces and use as supports for the upper cabinet.  I will run the wires for the lights up through those.

The ‘running’ lights will all be replaced with LED’s.  Amber ones at the front corners, red ones at the rear corners, and taillights at the back. I am going to move the location of the rear lights to a higher location.  This will allow me to build a ‘trunk’ to hold some of the extra stuff that I like to travel with.

Just couldn’t seem to get anything going today.  Total lack of energy for some reason.

A bit more on the trailer weights

trailer weights


So, with the trailer pretty much totally empty, the total weight is #1,110.

With the addition of a couple full propane tanks and a pair of batteries, some tools, the weight goes to #1,310.

Still manageable, but nowhere near loaded for any kind of use.  No bedding, clothes, equipment, fishing stuff, food, utensils, etc.

But, it does seem that the tongue weight is staying relatively withing range.

From the Fibreglass RV forum, ‘trailer weights in the real world’,

21___13_____Trillium___T1300________1600_____240__ __1840


So, with mine totally empty, I have an axle weight of about 975 lbs and a tongue weight of about 137 lbs.  A total weight of 1100 lbs.

If I put a full propane tank and a battery on the tongue, plus a battery, two full propane tanks and some tools on the rear extension, then I end up with an axle weight of 1190 lbs.  And a tongue weight of 120 lbs.  A total weight of 1310 lbs.


Removing the old wiring

I am continuing with the prep work on the exterior of the shell.

One of the items being dealt with is the old marker lights and signals. I am in the process of taking the old stuff off, ’cause let’s face it, it is all years old and totally undependable.  Plus, it is something that I can do.


This is the ‘wiring’ that went to the driver side rear marker and taillight.  It has lasted, and I assume worked, for years.  I really hope that I can do better.

Ongoing prep work

Still continuing with the sanding, filling, sanding, filling,………

I found that I had to increase the depth of the lower part of the window shade areas. If I did not, the awning would end up rubbing on the window. I am also going to add a couple of ‘brows’ over the rear side windows.

I have created a raised frame for the new vent to sit on, hopefully this will help with preventing leaks. Also am adding window awnings on the front and rear. These are needed because I have yet to find a way to improve the window situation.

I am in the process of getting the new flat door mounted and working properly. I have added solid wood material to each side, to change the original curved side profile to a straight one. I am working on finishing the framing on there. Then the entire area will get sheathed in glass fibre and epoxy resin.

I still haven’t gotten the unit bolted back together, hopefully this week.

Also have new LED marker and tail lights. Eventually I would like to have LED’s installed in the trailer also.

What got done today.

Nothing too great happened today.

Got a start on putting the extra ‘glass layer on some of the roof reinforcing strips, not all done, but a start.

Also got some more ‘glass put onto the belly band.

The front plexiglass window is one of the original one piece ones.  It has a crack starting in the middle, starting at the bottom.  Plus a bunch of extra scratches.  I used some of my time today to polish the plexi.  It has turned out pretty decent, now I have to make a vertical cut and make an aluminum sandwich to hold it together.

I have also begun putting the ‘eyebrow’ over the window.  This will be used to anchor the awning/protector that I will be installing.

I have also begun thinking about how I am going to get the new door mounted.  Since it is a straight door, not a curved one like the original, I will have to make some modifications to the floor in the door area, plus, I will have to add some structure to the actual shell in order to make it possible for the door to work.